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With over 33 years of experience running Wood-Mizer sawmills as a full-time business, we'll bring you the experience and skill needed to turn your logs into the highest quality lumber possible. What we do:


  • Cut hardwood into grade lumber, quarter-sawn, or timbers

  • Cut softwood into construction grade dimensional lumber, board and baton siding, or beams for timber framing.

  • Live edge milling up to 27 inches

We offer full service, fully insured lumber cutting to Central Pennsylvania.

If you have logs that you would like turned into clean usable lumber - we are the service for you!


What we recommend doing before our arrival to make your job painless and efficient!

We have a few suggestion that we know will make your job easier for you, and for us!

  • Bringing together all your logs to one central location will make your job faster and your sawyer happier!

  • Our mill loads logs from the drivers side of our vehicle, this means that it is best to position your log to the left of where we will pull in.

  • Milling is not a one man job! Therefore, we ask that customers supply one able bodied helper (preferably two) to off-load and stack your lumber once it has been milled.

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